Staff Structure
S. Radhamony Amma
M.A, M.Phil
Doing PhD
(Scale of pay- 25000)
Saritha K.R
Administrative officer
(Scale of pay-20000)
Bindu kumari C.S
Assist. proffessor in Gen. Education
M.A, M.Ed,
Post graduate diploma in family& marriage
(Scale of pay-17000)
Suba Basheer
Assist. proffessor in Social Science
MA, M.Ed
(scale of pay-17000)
Shemi Mole A
Assist. proffessor in Mathematics
M.Sc, M.Ed
(Scale of pay-15000)
Athira C G
Assist. Proffessor in
Natural science, m.ed, net
(Scale of pay-15000)
Sreekanth. s
Assist. proffessor in Physical Education
M.phil, M.P.Ed
(Scale of pay_12000)
Saju Illias
Assist. proffessor in Gen. Education
M.A, M.Ed
(scale of pay-15000)
Deepthi S
Assist. Proffessor in
Physical science, M.ed
(Scale of pay-15000)
Resmi A.R
Assist. proffessor in English
MA, M.Ed
(scale of pay-15000)
Dinesh S
Assist. Proffessor in
Commerce, M.ed
(scale of pay-15000)
Sini .R
Assist. librarian
B.A, Diploma in library science
(scale of pay-14000)
Akhil Remanan
Techenical Assistant B.ed
(Scale of pay-13000)
Govinda Pillai N
Instructor in yoga
ma yoga siromani
(Scale of pay-10000)
Staff left during last quarter
Arun Raj K Assist. proffessor in Physical Science  
Manju .M Assist. proffessor in Natural Science  
Arun A Lecturer in Commerce  
Renjith A.R Administrative Assistant  
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